Pick-up Lines for Dummies


Visceral if unmanned, and unyielding

To domestic sleepers of an alien

World. They’re real! And here,

Fuckers! You should’ve listened those decades

Ago when I said it for the first time. Now what

Are you going to do? Call

The local help line when all your cows get

Sucked up like a beautiful reverse

Showerhead? The system of authority refused

To acknowledge the issues and instead

Tightened up security and instituted new backdated

Login protocols. Touch here, touch

There, almost sexual in its thoroughness, but no, just another thing

To get almost riled up about. Anal, with their probing

Questions, furthering any perceived

Retentiveness. About when the lees

Started to become visible was when

I saw the lees. Like wheelbarrows

We are placated by our own existence and strive

To be more ourselves. Like cud we are

Dropped from the sky in an otherworldly rapture, the others

Mouthing silently through the tinted

Windows, O holy, o holy, o holy

Lesser being, how you were tied to where you came from

And how you will pay.

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