Weekly Clicks Vol. 1

Howdy loyal Boilerplate readers,

October Break was fun and all, but it’s back to the school grind and that’s not so fun. So mid-procrastination, get off your Facebook feed and stimulate your brains with some reading you’ll actually enjoy.

Photographer Zanele Muholi notorious for her portraits of black queer women in South Africa turns the camera on herself…

If you like poorly drawn butts and models, take a gander over here!

Syrian rockers talk music, war in Syria, and taking refuge

Curly mustaches and geese in a church, but more importantly photos that capture October’s International News

A list of urban farms and activists changing the food game

The culture of lion celebrity-hood

The Transgender Dating Dilemma, self-education is a good thing and highly encouraged 🙂

Why I Don’t Talk to White People

Some dildo action in response to gun laws

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