Weekly Clicks Vol. 2

Kara Walker's World Exposition, 1997

Hello Boilerplate Readers,

Still haven’t settled back into the groove of school? Here’s our second round of Weekly Clicks to provide comfort! Click away to read all about poppers, academia, and more…

Waste collection crisis in Lebanon begins to overflow, quite literally onto the streets of its capital. 

Boogeywomen have potential to attack our cozy notions of race and representation.

tw: suicide — Feeling like academia and other societal expectations for perfection are cause for mental health problems? Guess what, they are and you’re not alone.

tw: rape, sexual abuse — Rikers Island doesn’t care about the sexual abuse happening to its inmates.

What did the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law do to US schools? President Barack Obama urges schools to limit time devoted to standardized testing.

Read up on the history of poppers.

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