Weekly Clicks Vol. 3

Confused about this “fall” weather? So are we! Sit your sweaty butt down and read up on what you’ve been missing out on.

Clean the H2O you’re swimming in with your bikini top! 

The debate on surrogacy rages on, with India in the eye of the storm.

Religiously unaffiliated Divinity School student creates group called the “Religious Nones” (say it out loud).

Shifting sustainable eating away from the wealthy elite. 

tw: violence; cw: masochism, sadism

Halloween may have passed for us, but for McKamey Manor, their ‘Extreme Haunted House’ is year round.

This cartoonist draws out living between French and Syrian worlds. 

In a Florida sting operation, police cashed in millions for themselves but failed to make a single arrest.


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