Weekly Clicks Vol. 4

Chris Ofili's Afronirvana, 2002

Before you head off campus for Thanksgiving, here are some articles which can be great conversation/argument starters when you’re bored of hearing your uncle drone on and you want to spice things up!

Apparently some people think Renoir sucks at art. They’re calling him “an aesthetic terrorist”…

In Ethiopian hotel rooms, photographer, Awol Erizku puts the black figure on the pedestal.

A Beirut resident reflects on the international reaction to the Paris and Beirut attacks. 

Black hairdressers face large fines, and criminalization for braiding hair in Iowa and elsewhere .

The lost faces of Lublin, a new search for the stories, photos, and lives of the forgotten Jews in Poland.

Charles Blow argues that anti-Muslim sentiment is anti-American .

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