Profound and Absolutely Worthy of Your Attention

Art by Nicole Schonitzer

“Their sayings were frequently considered to be profound and absolutely worth
your attention…”
-Rick Roderick on Madness in Feudal Times

“whether or not I am right, I hope to have at least raised
the important questions…”
but you agree,

In the navy
(here’s your corruption’s beginning)
there’s not much time at each port—
That’s how you learn
quick turnaround.

Now let me explain
“I want this argument to be kind of fun…”
there’s a right way
to eat these particular oranges
like a grapefruit
that is—in sections
“Come to think of it
maybe I shouldn’t give you this gift
because I might take something from you…”.

Yes, we both had a dream about our penises
being detachable.
“Yeah, I did well enough.
I want to play it again…”

No, not koro
No, that’s something else.
Why would you even think that?
(you know
I’m just kidding)

Anyways, it’s up for interpretation
that and that only.

Do you think you get along better with guys?
“so the subjects of subjectivity would have dropped out…”
You know your friend
With the lips
pouting thing
She’s like a guy
What about her for me?
(I do think you’re attractive
kind of
stare long enough at anything that is)

No, she’s not on my list of recommendations
No, not even for certain people

You need to stop crying so much
but you do.
It must be great though
to cry
it isn’t?

“a very large concept of freedom
as formulating those goals and desires
in individuals…”
it’s a release,

I can’t
you see
I’ll be
reviewing interviews-
audio recordings- on the first
female orchestra conductor—
also I’m

(figuring stuff out).
“that sentence frames for me,
a description
of sort of the post-modern trajectory…”

(You see you know what you want
and you find a way to get it.)
Now do you ever see patterns on walls
or when you close your eyes?
“the moments of lucidity and clarity we thought we had about ourselves are now to
be filled in with stories that we pick up largely from the mass culture…”
that’s never happened to you,

Well it’s too bad she didn’t appreciate it.
What a good one.

“because an answer to the problems of life, the hedonist response that you should
do what makes you happy, is actually a fairly powerful view…”

Deserving of praise.

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