ellas, a collage series

Artist’s Statement: ellas is a series of photo collages that examines transgenerational memory through printed media. I turned to the processes of collage, photocopy, and digital photo­ editing to reimagine, recontextualize, and access the material memory of women in my family as a way to reconcile the fluidity and feeling of “incompleteness” in remembrance.

The physical act of overlapping images, objects, and textures from various sources became a way of complicating the layers of information of the already fragmented documents of a shared present and past, contributing to a legacy that I had no choice in becoming a part of.

So much of what is passed down to us in our systems growing up is, if ever, only partially articulated or understood: trauma, traditions, narratives, and dynamics that tangibly inform our present and future. By repeatedly photocopying the images as I added media, the resolution and surfaces became blurred, distorted, and visibly manipulable. Despite the distance and strangeness towards a history that is in so many ways also mine, the process of this project visually maps my shifting perception of the spectres, choices, and echoes of las mujeres through which I exist today.

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