Letter of Appeal

EDITOR’S NOTE: After the astounding outpour of support and the overwhelming interest in Ellie’s story, it has been tragically made clear to us that there is still doubt regarding an alleged lack of factual information provided. Although we are severely discomforted by people’s pleas to “hear his side of the story,” we have decided to publicize the appeal Ellie wrote after the panel dismissively found her rapist innocent. We are releasing this in its entirety (with names blacked out of course) so that the Vassar community and the extended community that this story has reached can gain a full understanding of the facts, the case, and the gross negligence with which this school has handled all of it. We beg you to remember that this is not an isolated incident, people of all races, genders, and sexualities experience both rape and rape culture not only here at Vassar College but everywhere else. This issue is systematic and patriarchal. The fact that we feel the need to provide further proof of a rape victim’s innocence is a response to the deeply ingrained rape culture that permeates our society. To those who will need this document to prove that sexual assault did occur, I ask of you to reconsider the way you look at victims and rapists, and whose story and emotions you are prioritizing.
Thank you,
Cecilia Graña-Rosa, Gabby Miller, and Ellie Amicucci

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  • Isla says:

    I’m not a Vassar student, but read this via a friend who is and wanted to voice my support. You deserve far better from the school and you have been incredibly brave. Keep fighting, you’re not alone.

    As to ‘Katie’ declaring ‘sexual regret is not rape’ – you need to go take a long hard look at yourself and your choices. Somewhere far, far away from decent people.

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