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Gabby Miller

Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Major: Women’s Studies

Instagram: @giphymiller

Gabby Miller is a senior at Vassar College who studies everyday topics and labels it “academia”. She loves all things queer and femme and hopes to use Boilerplate as a more accessible medium to challenge dominant structures of power. She is currently writing her thesis about queer communities on Instagram and is perpetually worried about post-graduation funemployment. She might just avoid it all and become a certified Master Sommelier or a Netflix Curator.

Faith Hill

Major: Cognitive Science

Instagram: @faith_hill_official

Faith is a senior who spends most of her time overthinking things and then writing about them. Her interests include religion, science and storytelling, and all the unexpected ways they intersect. At the moment, she’s writing a thesis for which she is interviewing people about their thoughts on The Big Questions. When she’s not working on this project (and being plunged into regular existential crises), Faith enjoys writing poetry, co-ruminating with friends, listening to podcasts, and petting other people’s dogs.

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Sabrina Oh

Arts and Culture Co-Editor

Major: Economics, Asian Studies

Instagram: @sabroh

Sabrina Oh is a Korean American who hails from the suburbs of southern California. She is a sophomore Economics and Asian Studies major. She currently pursues a career in fashion marketing, but God only knows. Sabrina deems examination of bodies of color and of non-Western backgrounds in the fashion industry imperative. She has an especial interest in retro fashion and its manifestation across cultures today. To Sabrina, style is more than pairing large gold hoops with a colored beret. It’s a song, a dance, a character; it’s a self-curated museum. This intrigues Sabrina.

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Dakota Peterson

Creative Co-Editor

Major: Undecided…but probably Studio Art or Media Studies. She should probably figure that out soon…

Instagram: @dakotapeedherself

Dakota is a girl of many names. She is known by her friends as DPeets and TCream, but most commonly, “Tika.” Dakota was born in New York City but grew up in a small town upstate called Nyack. She may be technologically inept and tragically uncoordinated, but she shows some proficiency in Studio Art. She would like Boilerplate to be an accessible platform for the voices that are not always heard on campus. Right now she works at the Francis Lehman Loeb Center as a museum docent and spends countless hours staring into the Agnes Martin, questioning the meaning of life. Likes include “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo, Golden Girls, and challah bread. She has an aversion to wearing socks and an allergy to wool.

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Anna Blum

Science + Tech Co-Editor

Instagram: @deathcabforbootie

Anna Blum is a senior film major from New York City. She can’t cook and watches too much reality TV, but everyday she learns to love herself a little more. She spends a lot of time analyzing her own personal relationship with technology, and hopes Boilerplate will help her find constructive ways to examine an emotional response to an increasingly digital existence. There are a bunch of other concepts that interest Anna (outer space, ethics in the pharmaceutical industry, the science of stress + coping mechanisms, etc.) and a whole lot of things she doesn’t know yet. So, above everything else, she is most excited and grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the Vassar community as a Science + Tech editor for the forthcoming year.


Rachel Matheson

Science + Tech Co-Editor

Major: Mathematics

Instagram: @racheezey

Rachel is a sophomore who feels weird listing her major here because she hasn’t actually declared it yet. She spends a lot of time thinking about the proposed human-caused 6th extinction, humans’ motivations behind “being a good person” (whatever that means… being vegetarian? Recycling? Liking your friends’ Instagram posts?), and how much Google knows about her life. She also likes number-crunching, eating food, buying planners and then not using them, and pretending to love cool bands she has only vaguely heard of through Discover Weekly. As Science + Tech co-editor, she is completely aware of the lack of science to back up astrology, but she still wants all of you to know that she is *such* a cancer.

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Jakob Eckstein

Vassar Climate Editor

Major: American Studies

Jakob Eckstein is an American Studies major from Cambridge, Massachusetts and an aspiring investigative journalist. As co-editor of Vassar Climate, Jakob is psyched to field any stories, complaints or praise Vassar students think are fit to publish.

Saskia Globig

Vassar Climate Editor
Instagram: @globig

Saskia is a sophomore from a town in New Jersey that used to be an amusement park and is also where Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton. Saskia likes History and Studio Art, and has chosen them for her interdisciplinary major, because she doesn’t just want to learn about the history of political art – she wants to make it. Mid Century Scandinavian design makes her happy, and so does good vegetarian food. Saskia can often be found dancing in the street or seething about the many privileges of white people like her, no matter how many other people are around.

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Miranda Amey

Humor + Satire Editor
Major: Everything
Instagram: @randaisi

Miranda is ​not here to prove she is funny, okay? It seems like a weird amount of pressure to put on this sweet, sweet Vassar darling, Boilerplate! If Boilerplate makes her write this bio and it confirms her worst fear that she is not funny it will break her. It would be absolutely ridiculous if this also happens at the inception of what she is co-founding, A HUMOR + SATIRE SECTION. Goddammit, I refuse this pressure and yes, no more third person because everyone knows that we are writing these. THIS IS A PROTEST. But also, Miranda is a cool kid from South Texas, even though everyone asks her if she is from Brooklyn, which she finds mildly irritating. The irritation stems only from a deep, indoctrinated sense of Texas Nationalistic Pride, and not from any distaste of hip Brooklyn. Miranda likes to write and tell jokes in the form of stand-up. You can catch her doing this as a member of Indecent Exposure, or occasionally on her lonesome. She also does sketch comedy and oh shit I shouldn't make this a resume, right? I’m done. Bye.

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Isabel Jane Marvel

Major: Art History + French & Francophone Studies

Instagram: @marvellustration

Enjoys long drives down wavy roads while listening to low-slung rock that can break your heart. Known to have ink-stained fingertips & pockets pocked with blue ink. Draws selfies after taking them. Cash her outside drawing people existing in their private oblivions.