Our Sections

Arts + Culture

These two distinctly different areas of interest merge to form a frequently overlapped yet cohesive section. The arts component of this section focuses on critiquing and analyzing relevant exhibits and artist installations that exist both physically and virtually, locally and globally, presently and in the past. This can range anywhere from emerging artists to curatorial and aesthetic accomplishments in exhibitions to specific opinions about a piece. The culture component will focus on identity-based issues in the various forms of artistic media and multimedia platforms including film, television, music, literature, music videos and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). This section aims to promote discussion and unearth topics in pop culture, film, music, media and art so that we can critically analyze the world around us from the perspectives of marginalized voices.


The Creative section includes submissions from a plethora of creative work that engages in identity-based issues from the Vassar community and elsewhere. This work can be presented in multi-media platforms, including dance, theater, poetry, nonfiction, essays, photography, paintings and music.

Humor + Satire

The newest addition to Boilerplate Magazine, Humor + Satire will focus on indirect forms of critique. It will feature both written and visual comedy – satire, sarcasm, wordplay, comics, and more – that puts “serious” material in a new context.


The Politics section examines responses, opinions and critiques about identities in politics and government both in the United States and around the world. This section may include responses, opinions and critique with regards to American identity politics (i.e. My Brother’s Keeper debate), global political economy, the United Nations, treaties between nation-states, violations of human rights, women’s rights, immigration, trans rights and other issues that examine government institutions and power structures through a socially conscious lens.

Sex + Health

The Sex and Health section examines current sex, health and medicine trends from a socially conscious lens. This section includes discussions of sex and health in social justice and identity- based contexts including but not limited to minority health, women’s health, queer health, sex education, social stigmas of diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS), innovations in drugs and medicine (i.e. Truvada PrEP), access to healthcare, trans* health, modern sexual and healthy practices.

Science + Tech

The Science, Technology, and Society section aspires to publish article and promote discussions which are focused on articulating the meaning of social justice in a field which is not often thought of as “socially conscious.” Examples include a recognition of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and other science and technology innovators who are forgotten in textbooks due to their marginalized identities, the relevance of gender in the use of laboratory animals and the implications of virtual reality simulators to social activism.

Vassar Climate

The Vassar Climate section focuses on issues specifically related to the Vassar community. This section may include responses, critiques and opinions on campus organizations, the Vassar administration, student life, on-campus activities and events (i.e. Racial Profiling Panel with Cappy), student personal experiences and campus-specific social media platforms (i.e. Friendsy, VC Student Bodies, etc.). All contributions will be in touch and connected with campus issues and examined through a socially conscious lens.